For the past twelve years I have been blessed and honored to serve our beautiful city of Chattanooga.  I have met many amazing people who share the same passion to create a better Chattanooga for all. We have been able to come together as a city and make the necessary changes as a community to make our city stronger and that is what government is all about.


The Fifth District has entrusted me as their elected councilperson for four terms and I could not be more humbled by that. I have learned so much over the years, the most important being that it is not about me but about the people and it is my duty to make the best decisions to better serve them.


I would like to personally congratulate all of the candidates who were a part of this mayoral and city council election. The willingness to dedicate yourself to our city is a bold step and is not to be taken lightly. I also want to congratulate those that won their election and give my encouragement to our citizens to participate in the run-off elections to finish off strong for our city.


Thank you to the city of Chattanooga for trusting me as your councilperson for these past twelve years. I look forward to the future of our city with our newly elected leaders and the continuing of creating a better Chattanooga for all.


Community Safety

As councilman, I developed the Police Advisory Review Committee to establish accountability between our community and our police. I believe that this advisory board will help bring more accountability to our police department, more safety to our neighborhoods and a direct voice from our community. As mayor, I will continue to take the necessary steps to create a more unified community where all citizens feel safe, seen and heard. 

Our Chattanooga Police Department is strong, and by creating a space where the citizens of our community can come together with the officers of the community and have a mutual respect with valuable conversations where all opinions are heard and acknowledged, we can feel safer and have greater confidence in our law enforcement.

Economic Development

Chattanooga has grown 

economically but many of our citizens have not experienced that growth. I have witnessed millions of dollars circulate throughout our city and while our working-class citizens are the engine that powers these millions, they along with all of our city’s residents should be able to benefit from those funds. This is one of the reasons why I implemented the Chattanooga Disparity Study to provide more opportunities for small businesses owned by people of color, women and veterans. 

I have dedicated my time and attention to people and communities that have been overlooked and underserved. I also have also worked with multimillion dollar businesses and businessmen/women to create mutually beneficial opportunities for our city. I believe that we must bridge the gap so that all residents can feel great about our city economically which will be the first step to making all citizens feel the positive impact of our local government. 

City Infrastructure

During my time as councilman, I repaired numerous roads and sidewalks to help improve our city's infrastructure and connectivity. I believe that it is important for citizens to have safe sidewalks to travel to and from their destinations, as well as roads free from deterioration and potholes. 

Affordable Housing

First, the definition of affordable housing is not affordable to most citizens. According to HUD $150k is affordable housing, so we first need to make the affordable housing truly affordable.  I want to help our affordable housing market audience understand that owning a house provides more equity and this increases financial stability that can be passed down to future generations.


"Russell is awesome! Not only is he a great neighbor but he has completely redeveloped my entire neighborhood in just a couple of years! He has expanded our community center, developed our community football field, tennis courts, baseball field, and track. Russell has encouraged community growth by helping bring in development of housing within the community. He helped to build sidewalks for our community children to be able to walk to our centers for school and activities. He has made sure our neighborhood roads are taken care of. He has been an awesome rep for my district of the city. I hope to see him as mayor! Chatt friends, I strongly encourage you to check into Russell and see for yourself. Come to the bay and checkout my community and district. Russell would be great for our city!"


— Tiffany M.


 I have consistently and diligently worked for positive change in my community and beyond and I believe it is now time for me to step forward and seek the office of Mayor of Chattanooga. My strong roots in our city have deeply connected me with the community. I am bringing fresh ideas and positive solutions for all of our citizens.